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Marketplace operators and platforms use Marjory to design and manage perfect workflows for their customers, with no stress on their organization or legacy systems.

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Why Marjory

The business process management solution that marketplace operators dreamed of.

who we are

Operator centric

Marjory was built for marketplace operators, by marketplace veterans.
So many marketplace projects clash with the legacy systems and organizations of the operators.
With Marjory, this complexity is strictly contained: operators can focus again on launching and growing their marketplaces.

what we offer


Marjory is a tech company. Our solution was engineered for the most demanding marketplace operators, offering high availability, scalability and resilience. We continuously improve our architecture and reinforce our security. We are obsessed about the quality of our APIs. And with our no-code interface, everyone can get started with Marjory!

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Marjory works with an open network of service partners, and handles the heavy-lifting: bringing the best partners for each workflow, handling subscriptions and contracts, integrating and maintaining all the technical interfaces, ... so that marketplace operators can focus on designing the perfect workflows for their customers.
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How it works

On Marjory, marketplace operators find a rich catalogue of workflows with the best service partners, ready to integrate with their operations.

business case
  • 1

    Select a workflow for your marketplace from Marjory’s best practices catalogue.

  • 2

    Customize the workflow with your execution criteria, using Marjory’s no-code interface.

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    Easily add triggers to embed the workflow into your organization and systems.

  • 4

    That’s it: the workflow is ready for execution! Launching and managing a marketplace has never been so easy.


Marjory builds an ecosystem where marketplaces and platforms meet and innovate with the best service partners in each category: KYC/AML, invoicing, payments, FX, risk management, trade finance ...

If you are a service provider, discover how Marjory can accelerate your distribution to marketplaces and platforms.

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Marjory is a venture built by Alpine Style and backed by Credendo Area 42, the innovation lab of the Belgian Export Credit Agency Credendo.

Our company values are:


Customer intimacy

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our values. We listen, we propose bespoke solutions, we are approachable and we deliver first-class service. Our people come up with smart solutions in response to specific business needs or complex marketplace environments.

You get bespoke solutions.



We show respect for our customers, our partners, our team, our shareholders and all other stakeholders as well as for society and the environment. We act forcefully against any discrimination. We treat everyone fairly and honestly. We always try to do the right thing and apply high standards of ethical behaviour.

You can trust us.



We aim for best-in-class expertise of our business. We strive for operational efficiency that underpins customer intimacy. We have a long-term view on our activities.

You can count on us.


The team behind Marjory is made of marketplace veterans, financial services innovators and technologists.

team 02

Christophe Spoerry

Christophe develops the trade finance products for Marjory, and leads the strategy as well as investor relationships.
Christophe is the founder of Alpine Style, the tradetech venture builder. He was previously the co-founder and co-head of the Digital Agency at Euler Hermes, the leader in trade credit insurance and sureties. His profile on Linkedin →

team 03

Kamel Tansaout

Kamel leads the platform product development at Marjory, and manages the relationships with marketplace and service partners.
Kamel was previously the head of marketplace at Actility, the leader in IoT connectivity management. During his career, he helped launch dozens of marketplaces across the world, and is a recognized visionary in B2B commerce. His profile on Linkedin →

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